AOR 2002 Scanning Receiver


Receive Frequency 25 - 550 Mhz., 800 - 1300 Mhz.
Receive Sensitivity Narrow FM: 0.3 microvolt (12 db SINAD)
Wide FM: 1.0 microvolt (12 db SINAD)
AM: 0.5 microvolt (10 db S/N)
Receive Selectivity NFM +/-7.5 khz. @ 6 db +/-20 khz. @ 70 db
WFM +/-50 khz. @ 6 db +/-250 khz. @ 60 db
AM +/-5 khz. @ 6 db +/-10 khz. @ 70 db
Image and Spurious Rejection -50 db
Number of Channels 20
Intermodulation -50 db
Receiver Circuitry PLL Synthesizer
Scanning Rate 5 channels/sec.
Searching Rate 1 Mhz./6 sec.
Audio Output 1 w @ 10% distortion
Power Requirement 12 - 14 VDC
Method of Display LCD
Dimensions 138 x 80 x 200 mm
Weight 1.2 KG

This high quality AOR receiver offers excellent sensitivity and selectivity throughout its entire tuning range. The unit is totally unblocked and has several features not commonly found on smaller scanning receivers. These include a real tuning knob, with selectable step rates, a large, easy to read S meter and RS-232 on the rear panel (Note: The manual indicates the connector on the back is an RS-232 port, but, I have been informed via email that it is actually remote access to the units CPU. In any case, if you intend to utilize this feature more research may be required on your part.). The unit also allows programmable searches, with variable step rates, within a selected frequency range. This is convenient for searching frequency hopping services within their individual bands. This unit is in essentially new condition and includes the power cube, instruction manual and BNC type telescopic antenna.

Note: One interested party asked me about the keyboard overlay, as he noted it looked as if it were coming off. Actually, this is the plastic protective cover which is to be removed by the first user. The offered radio is in new condition.