Harris RF-550

High Performance HF Receiver

Front Panel Showing Excellent Condition

Receiving WWV During 24 Hour Test Run


This Harris RF-550 High Performance Receiver receives from 10 Khz. - 29.9999 Mhz. in 100 Hz. increments in modes AM, USB, LSB, CW and ISB. The latter mode is a specialized mode in which the radio is capable of receiving both sidebands simultaneously and separately. The audio output from one sideband is output through the receiver's speaker and the other is available simultaneously via the rear panel. This is mostly useful for data applications. But, because there is some rather specialized filtering included, which is necessary to accomplish this task, it can have some interesting possibilities for general HF reception.

This receiver is specifically designed to be used in highly congested tactical situations. The bandpass filtering is selectable on AM and CW at 0.5, 6 and 20 Khz. On SSB 6 Khz. is standard. This receiver, which utilizes literally dozens of automatically selected sub-bands, is highly selective and practically immune to receive overload. This not only makes this unit well suited for use in some of the highly congested portions of the H.F. amateur bands, but, also as a superb I.F. radio when used with a high quality GasFET transverter or receive converter in high performance VHF/UHF/SHF applications. Also, it is important to note that the receive audio quality of this unit is absolutely not comparable to even the most expensive amateur radios. There is none of the "squawk squawk" typically associated with reception of SSB signals. Rather, tuning across the amateur bands you will encounter stations which exhibit almost broadcast quality audio. This makes listening a pleasure rather than fatiguing and vastly enhances the readability of weak signals.

This RF-550 is in excellent overall condition. The front panel, as shown, is free from significant marks and scratches, all controls function smoothly and crisply, as appropriate. The radio has been fully tested operationally and run in for 24 hours with no problems encountered. "What you see is what you get" and there is no warranty of any type offered or implied. The unit will be double boxed prior to UPS shipping. Shipping and insurance cost should be payed by the buyer.